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Update from Kajones_writing

There are many more background posts about World Walkers this week: "4. Allies and Enemies Within the Thirteen Families" (I helped with this), "5. World Creators," "6. The Fae and Magic," "3a: The World Walkers Web, Continued," "7. The Nox Gadael," "6a. The Fae and Magic, Continued," "8: The Alati Felis," "9. Siaral," "10. Aerith," "11. Kniroch," "12. Beshaki," "13. Kankirin," "14. Raenarin," "15. Janoch," "16. Saethera," "17. Gaelom," and "3b. World Walkers Web Continued."  I am particularly intrigued by Janoch, Kankirin, Beshaki, and Siaral as settings; and by the Alati Felis and Nox Gadael as character races. 

Some general posts include "Character Profiling" and "Thinking About Worldbuilding." 

And there's new fiction!  "Riordan: Making Worlds" is a haunting inside view about doing the best you can with crappy options.  "Mira: Leaving Raenarin" is a creepy yet compelling fish-out-of-water story.  "Astrid: Arriving in Little Hill" is an uplifting story about meeting others of the same species.  "19. Persephone: Watching Mab With Hecate" captures the conflict between whether or not to get involved with someone else's mistakes.

If you like worldbuilding, this is a great time to go look at these examples.  Even as thumbnails they are distinctive, different from each other yet still fitting together.
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