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Update from Kajones_writing

The donor filter is now active, for those contributing £3 or more in a month.  It contains a bunch of unsponsored stories, and there will be extra tidbits later.  Based on an audience poll, September's featured collection is World Walkers; use this post to request favorite characters, worlds, etc.  (Thanks to everyone who voted!)  The feature goal is a post per day, and at least 3 pieces of fiction per week.  There is a huge roundup post for activities from April-August.  Check there to make sure you haven't missed anything, and review author news.

These are some posts of background material about the World Walkers setting: 1. The World Walkers, 2. Athare, 3. World Walkers Web.  The first two are text descriptions and the third is an intricate diagram showing how the individual worlds connect to each other, kind of like a Qabala tree.  As the month continues, descriptions for more of the worlds will appear.

Once I had enough background material about the other worlds, I was able to take kajones_writing's offer to design one of the worlds in this setting.  I love worldbuilding, and there were some very cool and unusual ideas already weaving through the World Walkers setting.  So I took those and added some personal interests.  The result is Quiar, a world with magical tides and anthropomorphic races enmeshed in shifting alliances.  You'll get to read more about it, probably later in the month after the established worlds have been featured.

That also led to the post "Behind the Author: Feelings" in which kajones_writing talks about my usefulness as a supporter.  In crowdfunding, money is important but it still isn't everything.  Sometimes sheer unbridled enthusiasm will do the trick.  If you ever doubted that one person can make a difference -- don't.  We all shape what stories get told, and shared.  Request the stories you want to see in the world.
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