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Muse Fusion is open!

The August Muse Fusion is now open over on torn_world</lj>.  Please drop by and leave us some prompts, or claim prompts if you're a contributor.

What I Have Written

"After the Sauna" is a freebie poem for this session. I think it would be rated "spicy" for nekkid people and insinuations of forthcoming sex.

"A Nap Under the Stars" is written in unrhymed quatrains and features Eqar taking some children out for starwatching.
24 lines, Buy It Now = $5

"Smoke and Grass" is a free-verse poem about some of the Itadesh refugees in Itakith.  Ireluun helps them find something to do that doesn't smell of smoke.
42 lines, Buy It Now = $10

"A Light in the Darkness" is a free-verse poem about Mikaar, who enjoys sex with women and men; and Dorlai, who doesn't enjoy any of it.  But there's more to keeping company that just sex.
55 lines, Buy It Now = $10

"Felting Together" is a free-verse poem.  Treg recruits his daughter Rujith and her age-mates to help him with a craft project.
94 lines, Buy It Now = $23.50

"Sparkles in the Sky" is a free-verse poem.  Tekura gives a lesson about the Others to Aliyar, Ikari, and Trelura.
66 lines, Buy It Now = $16.50

Tags: art, cyberfunded creativity, fiction, poetry, reading, torn world, writing

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