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Poetry Fishbowl Report for July 8, 2008

Yesterday's Poetry Fishbowl got off to a good start, with lively participation and engaging ideas. At about 6:30 PM it ran smack into a wall when the power went out. (That returned in the wee hours of the morning, after we'd gone to bed.) *headdesk*

I wrote 12 poems, including "Out of Sight, Into Mind" which I was working on when the power went out. Fortunately I had heeded my instincts and shut down the system about 20 seconds before the blackout, so I was able to finish composing the poem by hand. Of these, I posted one, "Older Princes Still." There were 29 comments on the main fishbowl thread, including mine; plus another comment for "Older Princes Still." 12 people sent prompts, some verbal, others photographic.

Donors this time were minor_architect, dianavilliers, and cimeara. "The Beaches of Kaikoura" has been sponsored by dianavilliers and will appear presently. I also need to tally the general donations and post a poll for which poem(s) those will sponsor, and make a perk post for the donors. Today was already booked for various activities so I won't have as much time online as usual. I'll get to this stuff as soon as I can.

It does look like the improvements to the fishbowl program are helping. This was definitely more active than last month, even with the blackout. Many of the poems were combinations of different people's prompts, though a few were solitaires. Thank you all for your enthusiasm and support.
Tags: cyberfunded creativity, fishbowl, nature, poetry
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