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Website Update: The Silk Road Allies

I've expanded the entry for The Silk Road Allies project, in which China and Italy make friends.  The Artwork page shows some sample images.  Amazingly, the photo upload function that never worked before now seems to be working.  The Contributors page describes the folks involved in the project, still under construction.  The Poetry page lists the poems in approximate chronological order, with links to those visible online.

You can also see my new icon; papyruscrow did the art.  There is also a nifty dragon-and-eagle logo, which will become the icon for the LJ community when we get that going.  I'll post more about this project as it develops.  At this stage, we're trying to figure out the project parameters before inviting more people.
Tags: cyberfunded creativity, ethnic studies, history, poetry, reading, science fiction, writing

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