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The Wordsmith's Forge
The Writing & Other Projects of Elizabeth Barrette
Poll: Generally Sponsored Poetry for July 2012
This is the generally sponsored poetry poll for the July 3, 2012 Poetry Fishbowl.  You have $25 to spend.  There is one $20 poem left, "Slow and Steady."  There is one unsponsored epic available: "Listening to God" ($94).  You may also direct money into "An Amazing Carriage of Amber and Jade" (which needs $60 to be fully funded). 

Everyone is welcome to vote in this poll.  I will leave it open until at least Saturday evening.  If there is a clear winner then, I'll close it.  Otherwise I may leave it open a while longer.

You may sponsor the $20 poem, in which case there will be $5 left for epic poetry; or you may put all $25 into epic poetry. 

"Slow and Steady" -- 42 lines, $20
From the prompt about the Challenger, I got the poem "Slow and Steady." It's written in unrhymed sestets. The premise is that humanity cooperated on space exploration instead of turning it into a race.

"Listening to God" -- 94 lines, $94 (The Arc of Joan)
The prompt about a different branch of religion gaining precedence meshed nicely with something from nether-Earth, not in the Steamsmith series but something earlier. I want to cover how the Church of England became more influential than the Holy Roman Church, and that really starts with Jeanne d'Arc and the British victory over France -- which is also a story I'd like to tell.

So "Listening to God" is a free-verse poem about Jeanne meeting three saints in a lonely field, and what she thinks about the weird things they have to say. Being yourself in a world where that threatens your life can be very scary. Because nether-Earth poetry takes more time to write, this is priced at $1/line.

Regarding $5 into epic poetry: The first verse of "Listening to God" is 7 lines, but I'll go ahead and post it to get things started if $5 goes into this poem, and catch up donations later.  The next verse of "An Amazing Carriage of Amber and Jade" is also 7 lines, and the poem is already established, so it won't get revealed yet with a $5 donation.

Regarding $25 into epic poetry:  $25 would reveal four verses of "Listening to God" OR three verses of "An Amazing Carriage of Amber and Jade."  $14 would reveal two verses of "Listening to God" and $11 would reveal one verse of "An Amazing Carriage of Amber and Jade."

First, decide whether or not you want "Slow and Steady" for $20.  Then decide how to allocate either $5 or $25 into epic poetry.

Poll #1852297 Generally Sponsored Poetry for July 2012
This poll is closed.

Do you want to sponsor "Slow and Steady" for $20?


If $5 goes into epic poetry, where should it go?

"An Amazing Carriage of Amber and Jade"
"Listening to God"

If $25 goes into epic poetry, how do you want to allocate that?

All $25 into "An Amazing Carriage of Amber and Jade"
All $25 into "Listening to God"
$14 into "Listening" AND $11 into "Carriage"

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