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Too Many Licenses

Here's an article about how license requirements can harm small businesses and the economy.  Basically they've taken the bottom rungs off the ladder.  If you aren't already middle-class or above, you typically can't afford the expensive training and licensing process.  Then if you can, you have to charge more for your services to make up for all that.  Then fewer people can afford your business, so maybe it closes anyhow.  There are fewer and fewer jobs that don't cost a large amount of money to get into.  It's harder for people to do what they're good at and make money from it.  So then there are fewer jobs, and more poor people, and the economy works less well.  That sucks for everyone.

You need to make it easy for people not just to get jobs, but to create  jobs.  Regulations should focus on dealing with incompetent people who actually cause problems.
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