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Sometimes Publishers Are Awesome

A long time ago, Circlet Press published my story "Did You Get Your Answers Questioned?" in the paperback anthology Genderflex.  It's long out of print and ridiculously expensive on resale.  Well, Cecilia Tan decided to reprint it in ebook format.  Yay, yay!  You'll be able to read the first published Waterjewel story soon; I'll let you know when. 

It turns out the old contract didn't mention electronic anthology rights because, of course, it was before that branch of publishing was really doing anything.  Instead of being a giant jerk like so many publishers in similar situations ... Circlet Press resolved this issue by offering us writers the payment rate for new ebook publication, for our old reprint rights.  Publisher gets reprints, writers get money, readers get access to old fiction again.  100% gold-plated WIN for everyone.

So if you like speculative erotica, and you want to say "MOAR PLZ" to good business sense, you can buy stuff here.  See also the free reads page.  NSFW.
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