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Half-Price Poetry Sale: Path of the Paladins

This week the poetry of Path of the Paladins is on sale for half-price, since the May 1, 2012 Poetry Fishbowl made the $300 goal.  This fantasy series touches on themes of faith, service, gender studies, trauma recovery, platonic relationships, self-discovery, and determination.  You can read more about Path of the Paladins on the Serial Poetry page.  Currently available are these poems:

"Star of Gailah" -- a hymn written in ballad verses, mentioning some key spheres of influence.
20 lines, was $10, sale price $5  SOLD

"This Beaten Drum" -- Shahana and Ari come across a battlefield and must lay the ghosts to rest.
193 lines, was $96.50, sale price $48.25  In microfunding now

"Loaf Mass" -- Ari's brother Larn muses on the village's recovery shortly before harvest begins.
70 lines, was $35, sale price $17.50  SOLD

"Supernal Nature" -- While repairing a damaged statue, Shahana and Ari discuss what it means to be a goddess.
186 lines, was $93, sale price $46.50

"But One End" -- Shahana and Ari visit a village to trade for supplies and run into an unexpected altercation.
173 lines, was $86.50, sale price $43.25

"Swimming Against the Tide" -- A follower of Gorrein muses over why his actions caused Bodil to kick him out.
78 lines, was $39, sale price $19.50

Finally, this series has an open epic, "Uneasy Things," in which Johan meets Einar the smith and rediscovers something lost.  For sake of bookkeeping sanity, it's still at the standard price of $.50/line. 

If a new epic is opened, but not completed, during this sale then it will still keep the sale price of $.25/line until finished. Since there is only one epic in microfunding right now, I'm also willing to suspend the rule about "one open epic at a time from each series" for the duration of this sale. 

Here is a PayPal button for your convenience.  If you prefer another method of payment, let me know and we'll discuss options.

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