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Llewellyn Assignments

I'm getting my assignments for the 2014 Llewellyn annuals.  Those of you interested in my magical/spiritual writing can watch for these to appear in late summer of 2013.  The stuff I wrote last summer for the 2013 annuals should become available in July or August of this year (though I missed the Spell-a-Day Almanac  that time).  So here is most of the linup for my summer writing surge:

2014 Sabbats Almanac
Discussion opened but not making assignments yet

2014 Magical Almanac
Assignments under discussion

2014 Witches' Calendar 
Assignment confirmed: month article "May -- Connecting with Nature"
Contract pending

2014 Witches' Datebook
Assignments confirmed: witchy tips and 8 sabbat mini-articles
Contract pending

2014 Witches' Companion
Assignments confirmed: articles "Lies My Magic Teacher Told Me" and "Her Vessels: Cauldrons, Chalices, and Bowls"
Contract pending

2014 Herbal Almanac
Assignments confirmed: articles "Herbs as Preservatives" and "Invaders in the Garden"
Contract pending

2014 Witches' Spell-a-Day Almanac
Assignment confirmed: 25 minispells
Contract in hand
Tags: magic, paganism, personal, reading, spirituality, writing

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