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Friendship Fiction

There's a romantic friendship big bang getting ready to start, bromancestory.  All fandoms are welcome, as are original stories/settings/characters.  The rules post gives a good description of what this is all about. In brief:

The term romantic friendship refers to both very close but non-sexual relationship and at times physical relationship between friends, often involving a degree of physical closeness beyond that which is common in modern Western societies, and may include for example holding hands, cuddling, kissing, and sharing a bed.

This should appeal to my friends who are tired of all the stories that hinge on sex.

The crowdfunder in me is wondering if anyone has ever tried one of these things with original fic and money involved. Maybe not yet.  But it's a thought.  People are getting well into the habit of writing bunches like this, and with the rise of beta-readers, used to editing stuff outside of conventional markets.  Some of what gets produced is quite good.  This has potential.  For writers/artists it would be kind of like aiming for a theme anthology.  But for interested patrons, ah, you'd have a great big pile  of thematically related goodies to drool over.  It's a little different from the Creative Jam, but in a similar part of the gnoosphere.
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