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New Linkback Host?

I need a new volunteer to host the linkback poems for the Poetry Fishbowl.  You need to be available from about midday to night (but not necessarily the wee hours when I tend to close) on the first Tuesday of the month.  Ideally I'd like a volunteer who can do this regularly, but I can go from person to person if necessary. 

How this works: I send the linkback poem, usually a week in advance.  Once the "Fishbowl Open" post goes live, I notify you.  You post that the linkback poem is now available, with a little information about how many verses it has and its series, etc. then you tell me that post is live.  I edit the link into my fishbowl post.  People are then supposed to tell you when and where they boosted the signal for the fishbowl post.  You edit the linkback post to add one new verse of the poem for each service (LiveJournal, Dreamwidth, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) on which someone boosts the signal.  If you go to bed before I close the fishbowl, just add a note to that effect in your post.  A day or two after the fishbowl ends, I'll repost the poem on my blog and take over posting new verses if it's not already finished.

What you get: first peek at an unpublished poem in full, some extra traffic to your LiveJournal, thanks in the followup reports, and listing in my Donors filter so you can see all the donor-locked posts.  And me having time to write more poetry since I don't have to juggle this extra non-writing task during a fishbowl.

Anyone interested?
Tags: cyberfunded creativity, fishbowl, poetry, reading, writing

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