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Followup Poll of Generally Funded Poetry for May 2012 - The Wordsmith's Forge — LiveJournal
The Writing & Other Projects of Elizabeth Barrette
Followup Poll of Generally Funded Poetry for May 2012
The first general poll has selected "A Catalog of Flaws."  This leaves $22 to spend. 

Everyone is eligible to vote in this poll. I will leave it open until at least Monday evening. If there's a clear winner then, I'll close it. Otherwise I may leave it open a little longer.

Here are your current options ...

"Uneasy Things" -- 200 lines, $100 (Path of the Paladins)
From the prompt about Einar, I got the free-verse poem "Uneasy Things." Einar and Johan meet in a market where Einar is selling off his ready stock and some secondhand goods. Among the things they talk about are their experiences with less than respectable orders. And sometimes, things that were lost may be found again, all unlooked for.

"Within the Wolf's Jaws" -- 226 lines, $113 (The Asgard Eddas)
A prompt about species survival conflicts between humans and aliens led to "Within the Wolf's Jaws," a free-verse poem. Herein lies one of the greatest tragedies of my main science fiction setting, when human starfarers crashland on an alien planet and come into conflict with the natives. When peace falls, war rises; and when war falls, only sacrifice remains.

"Dead Soldiers on Parade" -- 97 lines, $48.50 (One God's Story of Mid-Life Crisis)
Comments on "Good Help Is Hard To Find" led to more spinoff poems.  This one features Shaeth's early attempts at keeping Trobby from getting too drunk too often.  It has fire, mayhem, and a bit of impromptu wargaming with improvised props.

Poll #1838762 Followup Poll of General Fund for May 1, 2012 Poetry Fishbowl
This poll is closed.

How would you like to distribute the $22?

All $22 into "Dead Soldiers on Parade"
All $22 into "Uneasy Things"
All $22 into "Within the Wolf's Jaws"
$11 each into "Dead Soldiers on Parade" and "Uneasy Things"
$11 each into "Uneasy Things" and "Within the Wolf's Jaws"
$11 each into ""Within the Wolf's Jaws" and "Dead Soldiers on Parade"

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