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Replacement Poll for General Fund in May 2012

Due to another donation, "Storm Wrack" has been completed.  Also more money has come into the general fund, which is now at $70.50. That invalidates the previous poll for the general fund.  Here is a new poll.  Everyone is eligible to vote, and if you voted in the last one, please do vote again.  I will leave this one open until at least Sunday afternoon.  If there's a clear winner then, I'll close it.  Otherwise I may leave it open a while longer.  I apologize for the hassle.

Because the completion of "Storm Wrack" unlocked the two new Path of the Paladins poems from May 1, they're added to your options this time.  "Uneasy Things" comes ahead of "Swimming Against the Tide" in the chronology.  Nobody went for putting all the funds into "Within the Wolf's Jaws" so I'm leaving that out, although if there's money left over for a subsequent poll, I'll put that poem in the running for the smaller amount. 

Finally, be aware that pricing for a given poem will stay consistent once set.  This matters right now because Path of the Paladins has epics in this poll AND has been selected for the half-price sale in another poll.  If a Paladins epic is opened now at the standard $.50/line, that poem will be exempt from the sale.  If a Paladins epic is opened during the sale at $.25/line but doesn't finish within the sale week, it will stay at that price even after the sale closes. 

So here are your options...

You could fix the giant goof I made in selling "The Fading Tower" and "Balancing In Action" (Sort Of Heroes) before the poem that explicitly introduces Taro and Hicket, "A Catalog of Flaws," which is $48.50.  That would fill the gap and finish out all the extant poetry in this series so far.  $63 - $48.50 = $22 left over for more poetry.

"Swimming Against the Tide" -- 78 lines, $39 (Path of the Paladins)
Swimming Against the Tide" is a free-verse poem from Path of the Paladins. A hapless mercenary finds himself kicked out of Gorrein's employ by an evil paladin for behaving like a decent human being. Well, that's awkward...
$63 - $39 = $31.50 left over for more poetry.

"Uneasy Things" -- 200 lines, $100 (Path of the Paladins)
From the prompt about Einar, I got the free-verse poem "Uneasy Things." Einar and Johan meet in a market where Einar is selling off his ready stock and some secondhand goods. Among the things they talk about are their experiences with less than respectable orders. And sometimes, things that were lost may be found again, all unlooked for.
$100 - $70.50 = $29.50 needed to fund fully

Poll #1838506 Replacement Poll for General Fund in May 2012
This poll is closed.

How would you like to distribute the $70.50 currently in the general fund?

$48.50 for "A Catalog of Flaws" and $22 left for other poetry
$39 for "Swimming Against the Tide" and $31 left for other poetry
All $70.50 into "Uneasy Things"
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