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Here's a note about a new poetry collection...

Hello, everyone. My new (and first!) poetry chapbook, Measured
, has
been published by Upper Rubber Boot Books, which is run by another *SH*
alum, Joanne Merriam. It is 51 pages, US$4.99, and available in three
electronic formats (mobi, PDF, and epub) at a variety of vendors (all
listed here, including Amazon
shops in various countries; prices as of this instant include 3.28
sterling and 3.91 EUR).

The speculative poems in the collection include "Playing Duets with
Heisenberg's Ghost," which was a Judge's Pick in the 2008 SFPA poetry
contest; "Practicing Jump Shots with William Shakespeare"; "Schrodinger's
Top Hat"; "The Stepsister"; "The Punk Piper"; and "By Way of Sorrow,"
which first appeared in *SH. * ** Also, Joanne, I, and Mary Alexandra
Agner (another *SH *poet) read from our books at the Nashvillle Public
Library this past Saturday, as well as premiering a sonnet crown we wrote
for the occasion. You can see a snapshot of Imposing Cardboard Shakespeare
at Joanne's blog post about the reading, and glimpse Mary's "My Mother Was
a Mad Scientist" cards at mine.

Thanks for reading this and checking out my book! :-)

Peg Duthie

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