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Stop Internet Spying

The latest "backdoor SOPA" project aims to "stop piracy" by spying on people and cutting off their internet service. Sign a petition against it.

A wider-focus action: boycott big media. Period. Stop giving your money to the mega-corporations that create and fund initiatives to restrict what people can buy, sell, read, view, or use. Fuck 'em. Spend your entertainment dollars on independent entertainers who are not trying to ruin your life. Hollywood, RIAA, etc. are not the government; they cannot just TAKE your money. They have to convince you to GIVE them your money. Don't. It will hurt them badly. The mainstream music industry is already slowly bleeding to death because they've spent decades pissing off musicians and music fans alike. Hit them again. Capitalism only works if the companies that suck are allowed to fail and die, so they can be replaced by something that might actually be worthwhile.  And send a message to at least one of the megacorps so they'll know why you're boycotting them.

Indie Music
CD Baby
Underground Music on MadeLoud
Sellaband -- a crowdfunding hub specializing in music

Indie Film
Film Independent
Make Independent Films
Where to Find Free Full Independent Films and Documentaries

My Crowdfunding Economics page has a listing of hub sites where you can find all kinds of exciting projects to support. Find movies, TV shows, music, fiction, art, cultural events, and all kinds of exciting stuff.
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