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Free Series Poem Poll: Path of the Paladins

The poll to select series for the free poems is now complete.  There was only one poem available for Hart's Farm, so "After Dark" has been posted.  Now you need to decide which Path of the Paladins poem you wish to publish.  Here are your options, in approximate chronological order:

"Star of Gailah" -- $10
This is a hymn rather than a narrative, invoking various qualities associated with the goddess Gailah.  It's written in ballad format.

"The Weight of the Day" -- $50
When Gailah has a bad day, it spills over onto her followers.  Shahana and Ari strive to find a way of lightening the mood.  (This poem completes the triad begun with "A Night More Full" and "So Like a River" mapping the ups and downs of how each character deals with the aftermath of their horrible experiences.)  Free verse.

"This Beaten Drum" -- $96.50
Shahana and Ari come to a battlefield laden with ghosts which they must lay to rest.  Free verse.

"Garden of Shards" -- $56
While trading for supplies, Johan comes to a shop that sells pottery and metalwork.  The shopkeeper gives him a lesson in usefulness and beauty.  Not everyone who is wise is necessarily a priest.  Free verse.

Everyone is eligible to vote.  I will keep this poll open until at least Monday morning.  If there's a clear answer then, I'll close it.  Otherwise I may leave it open a while longer.

Poll #1825664 Free Series Poem Poll for March 6, 2012 Fishbowl
This poll is closed.

Which Path of the Paladins poem would you like to publish?

Star of Gailah
The Weight of the Day
This Beaten Drum
Garden of Shards
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