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New Verses in "Call to Duty" and "Tunnel Vision"

The generally sponsored poetry poll is now finished, with all funds directed into currently open epics.  "Call to Duty" is complete.  This makes "A Catalog of Flaws" available, the direct sequel.  There are 25 new verses in "Tunnel Vision."  You get to meet George Cavendish and William Percy, and watch Brunel and Wellesley argue while Maryam tries to get a word in edgewise.

The free serial poetry poll is still open.  One of the short series is ahead, but two of the big series are tied.  If you haven't already voted in this poll, please do so.  I'll try to catch it when it's untied, if it unties.

The bonus fishbowl poll is also open, for selecting a series to be featured on March 20.
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