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Read "The Mind Palace Minotaur" by Moonvoice

I have known [personal profile] moonvoice as a brilliant artist for some time.  It turns out that she is also a brilliant writer ...

"The Mind Palace Minotaur" is a piece of Sherlock  fanfiction in progress.  The basic premise is that Sherlock Holmes experiences post-traumatic problems after the incident at the pool, but being Sherlock, they manifest in some unique ways. Some chapters are written from Sherlock's viewpoint, others from John's viewpoint, as they struggle to deal with these challenges and the impact on their everyday lives.

What makes this story breathtaking in its brilliance is the way that it conveys, in concrete and accessible terms, the subjective experience of living in a superbly intelligent mind ... and then suddenly having that mind betray you by tearing itself apart.  It is a horror story, more than a mystery or anything else: it belongs to the genre defined not by content but by mood.  For anyone who stakes their identity upon any aspect of mental prowess, such a precise and ruthless deconstruction is bound to be disturbing.  One can set aside the idea of being targeted by an arch-enemy, because it's unlikely for most folks; but there are so many quite ordinary ways of finding one's mind coming apart due to injury, age, illness, etc.  The more plausible a threat, the more frightening it can be.  And it takes a truly masterful writer to entice readers into such a horrific place, and keep them there, willingly, as the story plays out.

Go on.  Blow out the candle.  Step into the abyss.  
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