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Analyzing Presidential Candidates

SelectSmart offers a quiz that will compare your personal stance on important issues to the platform of presidential candidates.  You can then click through to get more information about any of them.

I am intrigued to see that Barack Obama actually makes a closer match than the Green Party candidate.  Wow.

1. Ideal Theoretical Candidate(100%) 
2. Barack Obama*(86%) 
3. Kent Mesplay*(77%) 
4. Joseph Biden(77%) 
5. Jill Stein*(72%) 
6. Stewart Alexander*(70%) 
7. Rocky Anderson*(44%) 
8. Ron Paul*(35%) 
9. Michael Bloomberg(33%) 
10. Gary Johnson*(30%) 
11. Buddy Roemer*(29%) 
12. Robby Wells*(26%) 
13. Jon Huntsman(25%) 
14. Newt Gingrich*(23%) 
15. Mitt Romney*(23%) 
16. Rick Santorum*(19%) 
17. Donald Trump(14%) 
18. Tim Pawlenty(13%) 
19. Rick Perry(11%) 
20. Herman Cain (11%) 
21. Michele Bachmann(5%) 
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