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Plunge  magazine is fully funded!  The Kickstarter campaign is currently at $2000 raised of $2000 goal, with 55 hours left.  JOB CREATOR!  If you have not yet contributed but wish to do so, you still can; the fundraising page describes how any extra funds will be allocated, starting with issues 3-4.

Thank you all so much for your support and enthusiasm.  I am thrilled to see crowdfunding in action as a way to produce material that otherwise would not exist, or would be scattered afar instead of gathered into a convenient package.  Material that conventional markets often won't buy, or explicitly censor and refuse.  So what do we get?

Here's a summary from the home page, describing what readers will get in Plunge:

This ezine is being created by Ailelie. This ezine is being created for anyone else who is tired of not being able to find good genre short stories, poems, and articles about queer women.  Every issue of Plunge will feature queer women in a variety of genres and situations. Each issue will have its own theme (fairy tales, space colonies, thieves, pirate ships, under the sea, saloons, mannerpunk, mad scientists, etc) through which it will focus on queer women.  Issue one will launch in February 2013 on a not-yet-created official website. Issue two will come in the following August. Starting in 2014, the ezine will publish quarterly in February, May, August, and November.

Writers get that as a new paying market.  Submissions will open in July 2012.

What I'll get is ... a job!  *GLEE*  Ailelie wants me as the line editor, contingent on the funding that just reached its goal.  So this will be a regular, paying editorial gig.  While not full-time employment, it will be regular  income, which means it can be earmarked toward covering known expenses.  This is a huge help in a household budget.

I'll keep you posted as this project progresses.
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