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What Bookstores Carry

 ... really matters, because it determines what people can buy.  If there's only one megastore, or just a few, they have tremendous control over what can be read or even written.  That's a serious problem.

Until people walk away.  They're forgetting the bitter lesson of the music industry.  Once an audience scatters, you'll never get them all back.  They'll find other ways to spend their time and money.  And if people go to a store, whether online or on a sidewalk, and are told -- say, two or three times -- "No, you can't buy that here, we won't carry anything from that supplier/won't stock that kind of content," eventually they're going to say screw it.  If they REALLY want the content, they'll pirate it, where it's easy to get what you want; or they'll decide that they'd rather have some other thing entirely that is not such a wretched hassle to obtain.  That is not good for readers, writers, publishers, or booksellers.
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