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Dwarf Stars Award

The winners have been announced! This appeared in the SFPA list today:

Congratulations to this year's winners of the Dwarf Stars award for
excellence in science fiction, fantasy, and horror short-short poetry.
Physically, a dwarf star and a giant star have similar masses;
however, because giants have larger radii, they are less dense and
less pressurized, and so while they are larger, their radiation is
less intense. The same can be said of poetry. The smaller the poem,
the more compact the language, and the more pressure is put upon each
word to burn with precision and intensity, in order to catch the
readers' attention. If written well, these poems will, like
their namesakes, radiate a pure, blinding light and ignite the very
core of the reader with all the strength of a nuclear reaction. Such
can be said about this year's winners:
First Place: Julie Bloss Kelsey -- "Comet"
Second Place: Sonya Taaffe -- "Tapping the Vine"
Third Place: Ann K. Schwader -- "Returning"
Tags: awards, fantasy, news, poetry, science fiction

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