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Free Poetry Poll

I'm finally managing to dig through the backlog from the crashed fishbowl on Tuesday.  The Steamsmith brought in 2 new prompters, so you get another free poem there.  Folks seem comfortable with $1/line pricing on these to account for them taking about double the usual time to create.  Hart's Farm, in the Creative Jam and following, brought in 3 new prompters and 3 new donors (with some overlap between those categories) so I'm offering a freebie there too.  I've written a couple of new poems, so there are two choices for each series.

I will keep the poll open until at least Tuesday morning.  If there are clear winners then, I'll close it.  Otherwise, I may leave it open a little longer.

The Steamsmith

"Spots" -- 150 lines, $150
Raising a cheetah cub is not easy, but Maryam rises to the occasion.  Farasat is cute and exasperating, and did I mention cute?

"Tunnel Vision" -- 181 lines, $181
Maryam visits the lounge in the Steamsmith Guild, which also contains Old Henry, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Arthur Wellesley, and the two young noblemen I mentioned recently, George Cavendish and William Percy.

Hart's Farm

"After Dark" -- 49 lines, $20
Solvig and her friend Hrafn, the farm's bookkeeper, are enjoying a quiet evening in the common house.  There's a little bit more of Auduna in this poem as she tiptoes past them.  Also, Hrafn and his wife Gróa are the only monogamous couple I've spotted so far.

"Low-Hanging Fruit" -- 92 lines, $46
During the apple harvest, Auduna discovers one of the odd things that some of the farm folk like to do -- Aisling is trussed up in red rope, hanging in a tree.

Poll #1822188 February 2012 Free Poetry Poll
This poll is closed.

Which Steamsmith poem do you want to publish?

Tunnel Vision

Which Hart's Farm poem do you want to publish?

After Dark
Low-Hanging Fruit
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