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Poem for Sale: "After Dark" (Hart's Farm)

I've had some extra prompts come in for Hart's Farm, mostly from new people, so I've saved them for future reference.  I'm also trying to break up the cluster of Steamsmith writing by alternating its poems with other settings. 

"After Dark" was inspired by pico_the_great who wanted to see more of Solvig, and of Auduna fitting into the community.  It's written in 7 verses, each with 7 lines, unrhymed and unmetered.  Solvig is spending some quiet time in the common house with her friend Hrafn, the farm's bookkeeper; and incidentally, Hrafn and his wife Gróa are the only monogamous couple I've spotted so far.  Auduna is working late.

49 lines, Buy It Now = $20
Tags: community, cyberfunded creativity, gender studies, poetry, reading, writing

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