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Crowdfunding Creative Jam

The Crowdfunding Creative Jam is open this weekend on LiveJournal and on Dreamwidth.  The theme is "alternative sexualities / QUILTBAG."  Please drop by either post to leave and/or claim prompts.  If you're still annoyed at the Romance Writers Association for excluding same-sex romance, this Creative Jam is a good opportunity to poke a bigot in the eye.

What I've Written

"Welcome to Hart's Farm"
This poem dumps out the whole QUILTBAG in a small farming community in Sweden, and is the freebie for this session.

"The Unicorn Surprise" (Torn World)
From your prompt about Glifai children I got the poem "The Unicorn Surprise." It's written in quatrains, and it tells how children imagine that Unicorn brings the changes of puberty (much like our story of the Stork bringing babies).
20 lines, Buy It Now = $10

"Why Ash Loves Quinn" (Schrodinger's Heroes)
From your queerplatonic prompt I got the free-verse poem "Why Ash Loves Quinn." This is from Schrodinger's Heroes and shows how Quinn (who will try darn near anything) protects Ash (who is asexual) from the sex-related mayhem as much as possible. There are actually a lot of queerplatontic ties in this team, given how tight-knit they are and everybody's different orientations.
25 lines, Buy It Now = $10 SOLD

"In the Palms of My Hands" (Hart's Farm)
"In the Palms of My Hands" is a free-verse poem about Arnvid the carpenter and his work, his little girl Astrid, and some of his lovers. It's essentially his view of the same day described in "Welcome to Hart's Farm" only this time in first-person present tense. I used 'sunlight' and 'hands' throughout the poem as connecting metaphors for life and community.
65 lines, Buy It Now = $32.50  In microfunding now

"Winterheart" (Torn World)
Story in progress, featuring Fala and Tekura during the winter of 1520, when Itadesh refugees are crowding into Itrelir and the Southern explorers meet the Northerners.

From My Prompts

Excerpt about an older gay couple by rix_scaedu

"Toasters" by DW user Primeideal (Schrodinger's Heroes)
This is a sweet, mindful story about Alex and Kay getting together for some non-copulatory intimacy, with a bit of angst that does not melt down into toxic doom, and some fun bits of science thrown in.  I love this.  This is typical of SH fanfic and why I snuck into another dimension to snitch their fandom in the first place.  *glee*
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