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Homicidal Psycho Jungle GoH (Part 3 of 4)

This piece of Calvin & Hobbes  fanfic is part of the Asexy Valentines Festover on the Dreamwidth community asexual-fandom.  I've also done an art swap, so you can see the adorable illustration by Erin Ptah (DW user sailorptah) on my LJ scrapbook or the artist's Deviant Art page 

Read part 1 and part 2.

Homicidal Psycho Jungle GoH Part 3

 Rested, showered, and dressed for the convention they headed back into the fray.  "So what schedule conflict did you have with the parties?" Susie asked.

 "Meet the GoH over supper, Open Mic, and Calvinball Round 1," said Calvin.  "Also you need to check the Art Show to make sure that Hobbes' work got hung properly, and okay our table in the Huckster Room since you're the Booth Babe."

 "All that tonight?"  Susie squeaked.

 "Yeah, and tomorrow we'll get really busy," Calvin said. 

 "And to think I considered you a slacker when we were in school," Susie said.

 "Oh well ... that was work,"  Calvin said with a shrug.

 "Wait, where's your tiger?" Susie said suddenly.  "I knew  you'd lose him sooner or later."

 Calvin froze.  "Hobbes?" he yelped.  "Where are you?"  At once he doubled back, searching frantically.

 Susie grabbed his sleeve and tried to drag him toward the elevator. "Come on, we'll be late for your Guest of Honor thingie."

 Calvin shook her off.  "I have to find Hobbes," he said.  "You go on ahead and tell them I'll be along shortly."

 "Well fine  then!" she snapped, and stomped away.

 "Psst ... down here."

 Calvin found Hobbes hiding behind a large potted plant.  "What are you doing down there?"


 "From the space babes or the Gaylaxians?"

 "Worse," Hobbes hissed.  "Furries!"

 "Uh oh," Calvin said, spotting a pair of girls in fur bikinis and a man in a tiger suit.  "I'll create a distraction.  You make a run for it."

 "Okay," Hobbes said.

 Thinking quickly, Calvin wrenched the palm fern out of its pot and swung the leafy end at his startled fans.  "Stupendous Man uses his superhuman strength to uproot a mighty tree and vanquish the evil Hairball Trio!" he shouted.

 The girls squealed, crowding into a recessed doorway.  The tiger man whipped out his camera phone to capture the action.

 Calvin bowed and said, "Thank you, I'll be here all weekend!"  He handed the palm fern to the tiger man just as Security lumbered around the corner.  Then he sprinted to the elevator.

 Only to be pounced on by his very own tiger.

 "AUGH!" screamed Calvin as they tussled in the small compartment.  "I just saved your sorry tail from the evil Hairball Trio, and now you're trying to KILL me?!"

 "I can't help it," Hobbes said when they had finished.  He suavely licked a paw and smoothed his ruffled fur.  "It's my nature."

 When they trudged into the dining room, Susie screeched, "CALVIN!  Look at you, I don't believe this -- it hasn't been ten minutes and you're a wreck.  You're filthy!  Your clothes are torn, your hair is mussed, people are staring.  What happened?"

 "Homicidal psycho jungle GoH," Calvin growled, plonking Hobbes on the table.

 "Well, I see that someone  managed to dress for the occasion," the Toastmaster joked.

 Calvin looked down to see that Hobbes was sporting a tie.

[Concluded in part 4 ...]
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