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Homicidal Psycho Jungle GoH (Part 1 of 4)

This piece of Calvin & Hobbes  fanfic is part of the Asexy Valentines Fest over on the Dreamwidth community asexual-fandom.  It's posted here because I can't get the DW cut-function to work.  I've also done an art swap, so you can see the adorable illustration by Erin Ptah (DW user sailorptah) on my LJ scrapbook.

Homicidal Psycho Jungle GoH

 "Remind me again why I agreed to this," Calvin grumbled to Hobbes as Susie collected their convention packets.

 "Because at 26, you still suck at math, and money is math," Susie interrupted. 

 "Calvin, you and your girlfriend are blocking the line," one of the gophers complained.

 "Business manager!" Calvin and Susie chorused.

 As they moved out of the way, Susie looked at the envelopes in her hand. "Huh, they gave us an extra packet." 

 "No, that one belongs to Hobbes," said Calvin.  He fished out the badge and lanyard to help Hobbes into them, then assembled his own. 

 Meanwhile Susie was pinning her own badge to the lapel of her suit.  "Calvin, why does your stuffed tiger  have a Guest of Honor ribbon, when mine just says Entourage?"

 "Tigers are noted for their oratory skills," Hobbes explained.  "I have some of Shere Khan's speeches memorized."

 "Oh, you should do one of those for our Open Mic performance," Calvin said.

 Susie glared at Calvin.  "The badges?" she insisted.

 "The convention chairman invited me and Hobbes together.  Come on, everyone knows that he co-writes Spaceman Spiff  and
Stupendous Man  with me," Calvin said.

 "That was cute when you were six, Calvin, it's getting a bit ridiculous now," said Susie.

 "Omigod, look, it's Hobbes!"  squealed a fangirl wearing an Annoying Girl costume.  "And Calvin too.  Can I have your autographs?"

 "I would be honored, miss," said Hobbes with a dapper bow and flourish of his paw.

 "Sure," said Calvin.  He pulled out a pen and helped Hobbes juggle the girl's convention booklet so they could both sign it.  "You should get Susie's too -- she's the original inspiration for Annoying Girl."

 "Wow!" said the fangirl, pushing her booklet at Susie.

 "You are so dead," Susie grumbled as she herded Calvin and Hobbes into an elevator.

[Continued in part 2, part 3, and part 4 ...]

Tags: fiction, gender studies, humor, reading, romance, writing

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