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The Wordsmith's Forge
The Writing & Other Projects of Elizabeth Barrette
Prompt Call
K.A. Jones is hosting a call for prompts on the theme of Imbolc / New Year from now through February 4.  You can attach that to any of more than a dozen established story settings.  (Check out the World Walkers collection, which is relatively new.)  Stuck for an idea?  Leave a random number to select a theme or character.  

Basic prompts get 500 words written, which can be extended with donations and/or credits.  Posting a link earns you an extra 500 words on any prompt you select.  For every 5 people who post links, there will be an extra story of at least 1000 words.  There are other perks for donation thresholds, and participating gets your name entered in various draws to create characters or locations in the settings.

Drop by and join the fun!

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