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Making Your Vote Count

westrider tipped me to this very sharp essay about how to make your vote count, even if that means voting for a third party.  Most of the time, it's about denying your support to a party you would ordinarily support, because they undercut your interests and you want that to cost them.  Make sure they know that.  Maybe they'll do what you want next time, if they want your vote. 

But sometimes, just sometimes, support for the two major parties sinks so low that a third-party candidate wins.  Think about it; the jackasses and the white elephants have alienated a LOT of people.  This is more likely in local or state elections.  But we've had some serious scares in the Presidential race, including Rose Perot and Ralph Nader.  The right candidate could DO it.  Keep your eyes peeled, just in case.
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