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Fund ALL the Crowds!

This weekend happens to include a whole bunch of crowdfunding activities.

Events to Visit

January Giraffe Call about "In the City" by [personal profile] aldersprig

January Muse Fusion on Torn World

January Crowdfunding Creative Jam on LiveJournal crowdfunding</lj>or on Dreamwidth

Garden of Prose: Paths by clare_dragonfly

What I'm Writing

"Grapejelly" -- nonfiction about a Torn World sea critter, tiny relative of the jellyriggers
This will be my freebie for the January Muse Fusion, submitted to the Canon Board and eventually visible to the public.

"Unlicensed Dreams" -- a Torn World poem about when the Empire discovered dreamers' liquor.
30 lines, Buy It Now = $7.50

"Why Autistics Make Good Friends" -- a poem from the Crowdfunding Creative Jam about alternative expressions of friendship.  This is my CCJ freebie.

A Bouquet of Fragrance" -- a Monster House poem from the Crowdfunding Creative Jam, in which the daughter visits a scent garden.
23 lines, Buy It Now = $10

"Courtship Displays" -- a Torn World poem in which Karavai and Luulan are flirting.
23 lines, Buy It Now = $5 or 5 Torn World credits

"Getting the Goat" -- a Torn World poem about rangers hunting the rare mountain goats for their beautiful white fur.
22 lines, Buy It Now = $5 or 5 Torn World credits

"Pearls and Posies" -- a poem from the Crowdfunding Creative Jam about Fiorenza the wisewoman trying to help two girls enchanted by fairies so that they cannot speak, but only produce jewels or herbs.
128 lines, Buy It Now = $64

"Smoke in the Wind" -- a Torn World poem about Omorth's favorite color, smoke, which periodically comes into fashion in different shades.
30 lines, Buy It Now = $7.50 or 8 Torn World credits

"Doing the Work" -- a Torn World story in progress, about Karavai earning his furshirt.
[Edit 1/16/12] 4,040 words, Buy It Now = $40.40 or 40 Torn World credits

From My Prompts

These are some things that people have created based on my prompts.

"Unicorn Chase" by aldersprig comes from the Giraffe Call and belongs to the Unicorn/Factory setting.  A unicorn appears in the Factory and causes much consternation.

wyld_dandelyon is writing a story based on my prompt about fashion colors.

"On the Trail" is an excerpt about hunting evil unicorns by clare_dragonfly.  See also the previous story featuring Kaede, "Bigfoot Hunting," which is fully visible.  I'm always thrilled to see a genderflexy protagonist!

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