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Unsold Poetry from the January 3, 2012 Poetry Fishbowl

The following poems from the January 3, 2012 Poetry Fishbowl are currently available. They may be sponsored via PayPal -- there's a permanent donation button on my LiveJournal profile page -- or you can write to me and discuss other methods.  The Poetry Fishbowl also has a landing page with full details about the project.

Note that as of 1/4/12, there is only one poem in microfunding, so all the epics are eligible for that.
[EDIT 1/8/12] There are two poems in microfunding; the others are still eligible.

"All the Things" -- 56 lines, $20 SOLD
I combined your idea about "symbols of women without power" and combined it with one from Dreamwidth user Jjhunter about cleaning. The result is "All the Things," written in unrhymed quatrains. When her city is besieged with filth, Jenina must find a way to save the day ...

"Bittersweet Preserves" -- 14 lines, $10 SOLD (Fiorenza the Wisewoman)
This is a sonnet about Fiorenza and a magical jar.

"Bringing Down the Blaggards" -- 176 lines, $88
Built from many prompts in the thread about how heroes react to heras is the free-verse poem "Bringing Down the Blaggards." Three nuns, two swordladies, and a whore wind up in the dungeon of a castle controlled by evil wizards. Who's going to save the day?

"The Crackerjack Princess" -- 14 lines, $10 SOLD
From the prompt about a princess rescuing Mario I got the free-verse poem "The Crackerjack Princess." Video games are mostly made for boys ... but what if they had a secret door for girls?

"Grit and Grace" -- 96 lines, $48  SOLD
 (Path of the Paladins)
I stacked together a whole bunch of prompts from this thread to get the free-verse poem "Grit and Grace." Ari is making breakfast while Shahana is out gathering more firewood ... when two bandits barge into the camp.

"Imalye Fotolyi" -- 32 lines, $15 SOLD (Torn World)
"Imalye Fotolyi," written in unrhymed quatrains; it's also in two columns with four verses each. The title means either "Imalye the Savior" or "Imalye the Invader" depending on who you ask, because she is a hera to the Empire and the villainess to the Roluma. The two halves of the poem tell each side.

"Klytaimēstra's Kestos" SOLD
I love mythic prompts. "Klytaimēstra's Kestos" is written in unrhymed tercets. Klytaimēstra schemes to protect her daughter from the deceitful Agamemnon.

"The Morose Mascot" -- 126 lines, $63 SOLD (The Adventures of Aldornia and Zenobia)
From this I got "The Morose Mascot," a free-verse poem in which Amaia Thornestele has difficulties with her familiar. This poem belongs to the series The Adventures of Aldornia and Zenobia.

"Pandora's Gift" -- 39 lines, $15 SOLD
I combined the mother seen as a villain with fayanora's prompt about changing fate. In the free-verse poem "Pandora's Gift," Pandora decides to do something about her children's fate ... and that changes everything.

"Princess in the Shadows" -- 42 lines, $20 SOLD (The Ocracies)
Your prompt about an off-screen princess and agency got me thinking about how women are often peddled off for political gain. But what would happen if the princess was the one peddling herself?  The result is "Princess in the Shadows," a free-verse poem in The Ocracies series.

"Sisters in Venom" -- 19 lines, $10 SOLD
From your prompt about women who are evil to each other, and one from Dreamwidth user Serpentine about the dark lord as a woman, I got the free-verse poem "Sisters in Venom." This is a very bittersharp piece about a black slave and a white woman who are set against each other by the man of the house.

"What Makes a Woman" -- 30 lines, $15 SOLD
The prompts about a gynoid and a transwoman stuck together to generate "What Makes a Woman," a free-verse poem about how snotty some feminists can be.

"When Themis Peeks" -- 29 lines, $15 SOLD
From the prompt about judges came the free-verse poem "When Themis Peeks." It explains the realreason why the goddess of justice wears a blindfold, and what it means to serve her.
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