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Goals for 2012

Each year, I think about what I have accomplished and what I want to do next.  I'm trying out a new point system to encourage more effort towards things I tend to let slide, and I'll see how much I can rack up.  These are some of my goals for 2012:

* Actually look at this list of goals, at least three times, before the end of the year in hopes of meeting more of them and not trying to cram in December.
(1 point per visit, counting up to one visit per month = 12)
1/18/12, 2/1/12, MET /12/12, 4/11/21, 5/9/12, 6/24/12, 7/1/12, 8/27/12, 9/17/12, 10/30/12, 11/12/12, 12/1/12)

* Place one new book-length project on the market, either by writing a book proposal or by writing a complete book manuscript.
(100 points)

* Experiment with self-publishing a chapbook in ebook and/or home-printed format.
(50 points)

* Finish writing the poems needed to complete The 50 Poetic States collection. Keep shopping around the proposal for it in hopes of finding an editor who likes it and can afford to buy it.
(50 points for writing the poems, 5 per proposal submission to editor; or can be used for 100 points book-writing goal or 50 points self-publishing goal)

* Finish writing the poems needed to complete The Origami Mage collection.  Add supporting materials as necessary.  Submit completed manuscript to Hunt Press.
(25 points for writing the poems; can be used for 100 points book-writing goal)
Finished writing poems - MET 25 points

* Write at least 300 poems.
(1 point per poem) MET  550+ written by 12/31/12

* Continue holding one Poetry Fishbowl per month.
(3 points per month = 36 point MET 2/4/12)

* Collate at least three more poetic series into collection files.
(5 points per short collection, 10 points per long collection)
Fiorenza the Wisewoman 1/18/12, The Adventures of Aldornia and Zenobia 2/10/12, Alien Ants and Butterflies 2/10/12, The Clockwork War 2/10/12, Glimpses of Minoa 2/11/12, Gloryroad Crossing 2/11/12, The Inkseer 2/11/12, Footprints in Foreign Soil 4/10/12, The Asgard Eddas 5/3/12, Kung Fu Robots 5/3/12, Lacquerware 5/3/12, The Origami Mage 5/4/12, Hart's Farm 5/7/12, Monster House 5/7/12
MET 2/10/12 = 95 points

* Subdivide the Serial Poetry page, putting series onto subpages for easier reading.
(10 points)

* Create more supporting materials for poetic series as necessary, such as character cast lists or scientific notes. ("Cast List for Fiorenza the Wisewoman" ME 1/8/12, "Steamsmith Vocabulary" 4/11/12, "Hart's Farm Characters" 6/14/12 "The Classical Elements" 7/15/12, "Meals in Nether-England" 11/9/12, "Fledgling Grace Birds" Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4)
(3-10 points per item = 70)

* Post at least one more verse of "A Periodic Table of Elementals."
(1 point per verse)

* Sell poetry to at least 3 new markets. ("Eggs Under Moon" to Cast of Wonders published 3/12/12; "Dates and the Desert," "Navigation of Memory," and "Astropolis" in Big Pulp published 6/22/12; "Assumptions of Precedence" and "Rods and Reels" to Polu Texni paid 7/7/12, "Candleflight" accepted to Silver Blade  7/28/12)
(5 points per market = 20)

* Sell at least one poem of 10 or fewer lines, eligible for the Dwarf Stars Award.  (MET 6/19/12 "Fishing Rights" accepted by Star*Line, 6/22/12 "Astropolis" published in Big Pulp)
(3 points per poem = 6)

* Sell at least one poem of 50+ lines, eligible for the Rhysling Award long category.
(3 points per poem)

* Write at least 3 stories. Take more care not to let fiction engine idle until things spurt out sideways at inopportune times.  Ideally, write at least one story advancing the main Fala/Rai storyline in Torn World; and at least one story in some other setting.
(1 point per Torn World story, 1 point per crossover, 5 points per other story = 48)
Torn World: "Doing the Work" TW 1/16/12, "The Inappropriate But Useful Disposal of Lettuce"  MET   4/20/12, "Nomess Mithoirarv" TW 6/29/12, "Drawing the Triangle" 12/10/12
Crossover: "Homicidal Psycho Jungle GoH" 2/2/12, "A Thin Red Trail" TW 4/22/12, "THE Woman" 9/10/12, "Finding the Library" 7/10/12, "Still Alive" 10/8/12, "Swallow the Sky" 10/9/12, "Attention to Detail" 10/29/12, "Texas Sunrise" 11/8/12, "The Waxahachie Tea Party" 11/9/11, "Seeing Things" 11/10/12, "Updating the Database" 11/11/12, "Studying Scarlett" 11/12/12, "Coming Together at the Seams" 11/15/12, "Safe Keeping" 11/20/12, "Fighting Through the Fog" 11/28/12, "Hidden Seeker" 12/4/12, "Smoke and Thunder" 12/6/12, "Saving the Heroes" 12/12/12, "Twilight Memories" 12/16/12, "Unbridled Scold" 12/17/12
Original: "Birth Announcements" 5/9/12, "Their Platinum Jubilee" 5/14/12, "The Hand of Sedna" 9/15/12, "The Red Hand" 10/23/12, "Why Kovid Doesn't Do Sex Magic" 10/27/12

* Finish at least one story that was partly written and then abandoned.
(3 points per story = 6)
MET 1/20/12 "Raining Kittens" 9/9/12 "Reaching for the Moons"

* Edit at least one story that has already been written, and put it on the market.
(3 points per story)

* Submit all unsold stories to markets.
(5 points)

* Sell at least one story.
(1 point per dollar)

* Obtain at least one new, regular writing or editing job that pays reasonably well.
(100 points)
Booked for Line Editor at Plunge  webzine January 2012

Continue sending the PenUltimate Productions Newsletter at the beginning of each month.
(1 point per month) [MET 2/1/12]

* Continue expanding my connections with intentional community; write at least one article for Communities magazine.
(3 points)
"The Bookends of Community" [MET /17/12]

* Run the Rose & Bay Awards for 2012. (MET 3/1/12)
(10 points)

* Keep up with writing records better, updating at least weekly.
(1 point per week that is properly up-to-date = 20)
[1/29/12, 3/12/12, 3/25/12, 4/8/12, 4/15/12, 4/29/12, 5/6/12, 5/13/12, 5/21/12, 6/24/12, 7/1/12, 7/16/12, 8/27/12, 9/3/12, 9/30/12, 10/30/12, 11/11/12, 12/1/12, 12/18/12, 12/31/12]

* Complete at least one significant outdoor project, such as finishing reorganization of the blackberry patch or paving around the raspberry patch.  (MET /5/12 -- replanted forest garden)
(25 points)

* Improve my understanding of how the fancy digital camera works, so that I can learn to use more of its features.  Try out the high-speed "sports" mode.
(10 points per feature)

* Practice using the scanning and photo printing functions on the new color printer.
(10 points per feature)
MET  Scanner 1/16/12

* Replace two bookcases in my office, assembling the new bookcases and moving the books onto them.
(10 points per bookcase)

* Go through closet to remove clothes that no longer fit, and take them to a charity.
(3 points per bag)

* Fill in the blank: __________.  This slot is left open because, during any given year, I usually pick up some "surprise" goals.  This time I want to give myself credit for that.  MET
(variable points)
Establish The Silk Road Allies as a shared world.  (10 points)
Blackout on first Cottoncandy Bingo Card 8-24-12 (25 points)
Second Cottoncandy Bingo Card 10-1-12 (21 points)
Participate in Kink Bingo (1 point per square) (22 points)
Participate in Hurt/Comfort Bingo (1 point per square) (17 points)
Establish Deviant Art account. (10 points)

TOTAL SCORE = 1128 points

What are some of your goals for 2012?

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