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Read the Advent Story by K.A. Jones

The advent story by kajones_writing is now complete.  It's a pretty cool setup in which several focal characters consider the situation in Thear, a world where three different races are squabbling over their differences in heritage and religion.  (Despite human claims, the deities are not  amused by this.)  Each installment is approximately 1000 words.  Here are links to the first installment by each character, in order of their appearance:

I think Conall's first installment is my favorite, due to the interaction between him and a blind girl named Sophia.  To see all the installments, just go to kajones_writing and scroll through.  Put together, they add up to about 25,000 words and give a comprehensive look at the major conflicts in this setting.  I find this an effective way to tell a story that is very complex and spread over a wide area with a lot of people involved.  You can follow what's happening to each character yet also see how their experiences intersect.  So far, Thear hasn't been one of my top favorite series, but this story did pull me into it a little more and it introduced Sophia, whom I really like. I'll probably keep an eye out for more about her.  This story is worth reading for its interesting structure.
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