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Rhysling Eligible Poems Online

Visit the SFPA site to read some poems eligible for the Rhysling Award. A number of poets have collected their eligible poems into .doc or .rtf files that you can download and read. These were originally published in 2011 and are eligible for the 2012 award season. (Many other poems are eligible; these are just gathered in a convenient place.) SFPA membership includes nomination and voting rights for this award, and you also get a copy of the voting anthology which is an ideal way to find some excellent speculative poetry.

I have a total of 30 poems eligible this year; 29 fall in the short poem category and one, "The Cathedral of the Michaelangelines," falls in the long poem category. They're available by clicking on my name, or you can visit the page I posted in my own website.

Several of my favorite poets have also posted files on that page including F.J. Bergmann, Bruce Boston, and David C. Kopaska-Merkel.

If you belong to the SFPA, please consider nominating your favorite short and long poems. If you're not a member but you love speculative poetry, consider joining.

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