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The Massacre at Wounded Knee

Those of you who follow my prompted stories in the Donor House series by kajones_writing may remember our Lakota vampire character, John Good Road. His family was killed at the Massacre at Wounded Knee. Here's a piece of that history.

One of my Facebook friends included this quote:
"I found my mother laying below the hill. She was dead; she was pregnant. My two smaller brothers were also killed. My sister was wounded very badly, but still alive. I found my father, Whirlwind Hawk, across on the rise. He was alive. His left leg was shattered and could not stand up, so he lay on his side. They [the soldiers] came to where my father lay and asked him to stand up, but he couldn't, being shot in the thigh. When he couldn't stand up, they put their gun to his head and shot him where he lay as I watched, I saw my father killed and I have never forgotten, and I tell the truth."~Jesse Crow - Lakota

Whenever someone tells you not to resist oppression, remember this: It only takes one side to have a massacre. Often going along just makes it easier for the enemy to kill you.
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