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Writing Hot Topics

This article covers the risks and benefits of writing about controversial issues.

You know what?  If people can't handle my stance on an issue, or me walking around an issue through several stories or poems, or me even broaching a touchy topic -- they should run away now while they still can.  Because if they hang around me, sooner or later they're going to suffer a very painful reality rupture.  I don't preach in my writing, whether nonfiction or otherwise; but I don't pull any punches either.  I can wield symbols as a percussion instrument.  It's better to get incompatible people safely out of the way before they get hurt.  And then I am left with an audience of people who are open-minded and like reading stuff that is more than just literary navel-gazing or preaching to a choir.

I love you all.  You make my life, and my writing, so much richer by being a part of all this.
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