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Brains Before Beauty

Read an essay about gender and the sciences.  There are some cool thoughts about subconscious and socially enforced gender ideas.

As for the test, I don't really trust it.  Those things are usually so raddled with preconceptions that they are useless for measuring preconceptions.  Why?  There's almost never enough information to make a decision or association, but the test REQUIRES that people do so.  You're not allowed to say, "There's nothing here to base a decision on, so I'm going to take the radical step of NOT MAKING ONE."  Bah. 

There are times in life when you have to make a split-second decision on little or no data.  That's what instincts and extrapolations are for.  But we are more than our instincts or our subconscious.  It matters  that the conscious mind can say "I can't tell what job this person has, because all you've given me is a list of jobs and a stack of photos" rather than just arbitrarily making up associations that don't really exist.  You know, I think some stereotypes come from that social pressure to bullshit our way through situations where there is little or no data, rather than trying to get more data.
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