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Schrodinger's Heroes: Catnip

Schrodinger's Heroes  is an apocryphal television show about quantum physics and keeping the Earth safe from alternate dimensions.  If you're not familiar with it, you can browse the menu page.  The following images may make more sense if you have read the descriptions for Melannen's characters and my characters.  LOL_Heroes is a branch of LOL picspam inspired by Schrodinger's Heroes.

Among the descriptions of famous fanfic is one for "Schrodinger's Catnip."  This imaginary story involved a strange alien plant that made the characters intensely horny.  Since then, any substance or force that induces the characters to have lots of sex is referred to as Schrodinger's Catnip, or simply catnip.  (See TV Tropes "Living Aphrodisiac," "Aliens Made Them Do It," "Deus Sex Machina," etc.)  The LOL_Heroes images focus more on the humorous side of things than the sex.  An interesting twist: asexual characters are affected by some versions of catnip but not others, and not always in the same way as sexual characters.  Full-size images appear in the Catnip gallery of my LJ scrapbook.

Tags: humor, schrodinger's heroes, science fiction

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