September 12th, 2021


Poem: "The Year of Release"

This poem is spillover from the September 7, 2021 Poetry Fishbowl. It was inspired by prompts from [personal profile] technoshaman and [personal profile] librarygeek. It also fills the "family traditions" square in my 9-1-21 card for the Platonic Love Fest Bingo. This poem has been sponsored by [personal profile] librarygeek.

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Today is sunny and mild with a breeze.

I fed the birds. I've seen house finches and a squirrel.

EDIT 9/12/21 -- I trimmed brush around the purple-and-white garden.

I saw another tree frog on the door. I think this was a green one. I've seen 4 green ones and 2 gray ones here, 4 of those this year! It's a great year for tree frogs, and good for amphibians in general. :D

EDIT 9/12/21 -- I saw a tree frog on the door, this one definitely gray, and it's probably the same one. So I'm calling the count 3 green and 3 gray.


[personal profile] technoshaman wrote:

We'll do something similar... maybe open one of the big... I need a word. Friendly monster. Size of G-dzilla, but like the Abominable Snowman, very helpful once needs are met...

Skookumverse. I've been needing something bigger than "epic" for a while, but it only popped into my head when you asked for it. :D

61-500 lines = epic
501+ lines = skookumverse

Played With Hard

I got to thinking about heroic figures and how much they get banged up. A common explanation for this is that the Gods / Fates are cruel. While this is possible, and fits with some of the bleaker storylines, it doesn't really sit well with the majority.

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