September 10th, 2021



Today is sunny and warm.

I fed the birds.  I've seen house finches and a squirrel.

I gathered butterfly milkweed seeds from the septic garden and planted them in the wagonwheel garden. 

EDIT 9/10/21 -- I gathered blackberry lily seeds from beside the barrel garden and planted them in the prairie garden.

The honeybees are quite busy today, coating the outside of their hole and flying to and fro by the dozens.  I expect they are harvesting the dense goldenrod blooming in the prairie garden.

EDIT 9/10/21 -- I gathered partridge pea seeds from the wildflower garden and planted them in the prairie garden.

EDIT 9/10/21 -- I finished clearing the tulip bed by the parking lot.

Kea Invents Prosthetic Beak

Bruce the Kea has no upper beak, which is needed for grooming and manipulation.  Bruce solves this problem by using a pebble as a prosthetic, held between his lower beak and tongue.  <3 Super-Intellect.

As I've said before, I think keas have a good chance at surviving the apocalypse in progress.  They're damn smart, they can manipulate the environment if they feel like it, they can solve problems, and they're not afraid of humans.  Their limited distribution is a challenge, but well, tool-using problem-solvers, so it's not insurmountable.

Go, you feathered little fuckers, go!