July 30th, 2021



Today is mostly sunny and mild with a light breeze.

I fed the birds.  I've seen house finches and doves.

The barrel garden has morning glories, nasturtiums, petunias, and marigolds blooming.  :D

EDIT 7/30/21:  I picked a handful of blackberries.  Sunchokes are blooming, and I saw 2 monarch caterpillars on one of my milkweeds.  3q3q3q!!! :D  In the south lot I saw a frog, which I could not identify as it fled at great speed and altitude, bounding high over the calf-high grass.  It might have been a leopard-frog, a lively species found in this area, though I've never seen one in our yard.  Certainly it was not a toad, who barely keep out from underfoot; and it was way too big for the tiny tree frogs.  

EDIT 7/30/21: Paths outside have been mowed, but no large areas.  In most of the yard, the grass is calf-high and soggy from dew, the ground underneath it muddy.  :/  So it will have to be mowed and raked in small amounts to catch up from all the time it couldn't be mowed.  We walked around together and I pointed out a couple of other places that would be helpful to connect.
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Accessibility in "A Mending" Game

Here is a very astute approach to accessibility issues in gaming: instead of trying to think of and solve all possible problems personally, the designer simply set aside a fund to compensate other folks who found problems and solutions. It capitalizes on the wider experience, needs, and ingenuity of a large audience. This approach would work for many types of project, especially in crowdfunding but not necessarily limited to that. I encourage people to use it and spread it, and credit the designer. Especially, add it to lists of accommodations: it's a lot easier to fix things in a project or group if accessibility is a line item in the budget and is referenced in the list of possible solutions.  Here are some more resources for improving accessibility in gaming.

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