July 29th, 2021


Character notes for "Come Together to Learn and Create"

Here is Part 2: Patina Park of the character notes for "Come Together to Learn and Create." There are so many character sheets, and some are long, so I'm dividing them by housing cluster. (See Part 1 Sunset Green. and Part 3 Linsey Corner.)

Patina Park
* mosaic paver
* stained glass artist
* metalworker
* ceramic artist
* painters (2+)

Gentle Life is an organization for people with PTSD or similar situations who want to treat their condition with lifestyle changes. It works very well for those who want a peaceful place to concentrate on healing, although not so much for those who keep wishing they could get back to their old activity level. Gentle Life mostly features farms and artistic communities far out in rural areas, although they have some cohousing locations for suburban or urban dwellers. They concentrate on building a support network in the community and making happy new memories. Art therapy, music therapy, organic farming and cooking are typical offerings. Some of the farms also work with abused animals or do other animal-assisted therapy. Patina Park, Tranquil Table, and Todos Santos are among the Gentle Life communities.

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