July 11th, 2021

gold star

Virgin Galactic

Virgin Galactic has made its suborbital test flight.  \o/  My observations include ...

* Not quite 100% of rich people are useless assholes.  There's always a nonzero fraction who do awesome things with all that money.  The problem is, you have to shuck a lot of oysters to find those pearls.

* Particularly telling is that Mr. Branson hasn't changed his tune.  He's saying exactly the same things after the flight as before it, and repeating them because nobody believes him.  That's enough, quit pestering the man.  Integrity and honesty may be rare, but they do exist. 

* I'm amused by the style of the vehicle.  Look at all the extra portholes!  That's a hallmark of commercial flights, before they go to shutters and something like transparent aluminum for the roof.  Spacers call them "peekaboo planes."  Just keep in mind that, like on an oceangoing vessel, every aperture in the hull is a weakness and a potential failure point.  But I swear, almost every spacefaring culture thinks of these things.

* This is not a joke or a publicity stunt or a way to fleece sheep.  It's an important step in becoming a spacefaring species.  Not just because it marks an economic threshold, but because looking down on the planet from space tends to change  people.  Mr. Branson got it.  Welcome to the family, bro, and thanks for busting your ass on that step so more people could reach it.
moment of silence, candle

Moment of Silence: Dave Lampert

Sexual engineer Dave Lampert has passed away. He invented the Sybian, and later the Venus for Men, both famous sex machines.

I remarked, "Now there is a man who has no use for Heaven." But I think this quote from a colleague is better: "Do something that would have made him grin. Go have an orgasm, hell have 3," wrote the aptly named @Venus2000Milker, also known as Sybian employee Karen. "My heart bursts with pride just for knowing him."


Today is mostly cloudy, muggy, and hot.  We got more rain yesterday.  It's very buggy out.  :P

I fed the birds.  I've seen house finches and wrens.  Yesterday there was a lady cardinal.

I picked a handful of blackberries.

EDIT 7/11/21 -- I went to go outside for more yardwork, but it was raining.

EDIT 7/11/21 -- After supper, I went out and started pulling weeds from the septic garden while the soil is soft.

EDIT 7/11/21 -- I pulled more weeds from the septic garden.

EDIT 7/11/21 -- I planted the last of the yarrow and the lemon bergamot in the septic garden.  I also planted a few more cypress vine seeds there and around the support wire.  Previous sprouts are a few inches tall.  :D

Internet Update

Cyberspace has been screwy for days.  It's not a local problem, it's the distant source, apparently spread quite widely.  Sometimes we can't download or send things.  Some websites load slowly or not at all.  So this is bogging down the process of writing and posting poetry.  I'll try to keep up as best I can.  Sorry for the delays.  :/