July 8th, 2021


Random Country Generator

This interesting tool will generate a specified number of random countries, with or without duplications.  It helpfully includes their region and flag too. 

Also, this is the first site I've seen with a civil response to adblockers: a banner that asks if you want to support the site another way, with several options.  So it's possible  to not be an asshole about it, most people just prefer to be assholes.  And really, demanding that someone who uses an adblocker is like a frat boy demanding a lesbian date him: you're not getting any action from that source no matter how  annoying you are.


Today is partly cloudy, muggy, and warm.

I fed the birds.  I've seen house finches, and a pair of cardinals engaged in courting behavior.

I walked around the yard and took pictures.  The first nasturtium is blooming in the barrel garden, the first zinnia in the septic garden, and the black-eyed Susan is close to blooming in the wildflower garden.  I saw a monarch butterfly on my milkweed in the prairie garden.  :D

EDIT 7/8/21 -- I picked half a bag of blackberries.

EDIT 7/8/21 -- I picked half a bag of mulberries.

EDIT 7/8/21 -- I watered half the newly mown space in the prairie garden.  

For years, I've been throwing wildflower seeds from the wildflower garden into the prairie garden in fall when they ripen, and only seen a few signs here and there of flowers resulting.  But mowing strips through the prairie garden has revealed blackberry lilies along both strips and a partridge pea is sprouting in the first one.  So I guess some of them are taking root.  :D

EDIT 7/8/21 -- I watered the rest of the newly mown space.