July 3rd, 2021


Community Building Tip: Outdoor Movies

For my current set of tips, I'm using the list "101 Small Ways You Can Improve Your City.

79. Screen a movie outdoors. An impromptu movie night isn’t as hard to organize as it may sound. From a small gathering with neighbors to a larger, site-specific, artistic spectacular, cinema can expand horizons and bring people together. This guide on how to set up your own screening offers tips on how to host your own screening, whether it’s on an actual screen or the side of a building. Need a movie recommendation? We’ve got 101 of our favorites, right here.


Today is sunny and mild.

I fed the birds.  I've seen house finches and sparrows.

I raked the firepit and laid a chimney of sticks in it.  We broke up the rest of the  brushpile and stuffed it in the dumpster.  Then we raked up the remaining leaves and twigs from there and where the walnut logs were, adding those to the dumpster.  Finally we hauled the stuff to the firepit.

The grass under the brushpile is damaged but not dead, so it will probably recover.  Some of the spots where the logs were may recover, but others look pretty dead and may not.  Still, the yard looks much better than it did before. 

EDIT 7/3/21 -- I picked a bag of mulberries.

EDIT 7/3/21 -- I picked half a bag of mulberries.

EDIT 7/3/21 -- I started on the second brushpile.  I filled 3 trolleys of brush and dumped them in the firepit.

As it is now dark and I'm tired, I am done for the night.

Poem: "The Little Shadow Across the Grass"

This poem is spillover from the April 20, 2021 Bonus Fishbowl. It was inspired by prompts from [personal profile] janetmiles and [personal profile] fuzzyred. It also fills the "Feathers" square in my 6-1-20 card for the Cottoncandy Bingo fest. This poem has been sponsored by [personal profile] janetmiles. It belongs to the Daughters of the Apocalypse series. It is the first in a set of three, followed by "Don't Let the Grass Grow" and "On the Path of Friendship."

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