June 23rd, 2021



Today is sunny and mild with a brisk breeze.

I fed the birds.  I've seen house finches and a lady cardinal.

We filled a wheelbarrow with small logs and moved it from the lawn to beside the regular woodpile.  The walnut logpile is now about half its original size.  Progress!

EDIT 6/23/21 -- We filled a wheelbarrow with medium logs and hauled them to the ritual meadow for bonfires.  Then we hauled 4 rotten sections under the mulberry tree to use as flowerpots.

What's left is a much smaller pile of medium to large logs that will need to be split for firewood.  The newly exposed grass is just starting to show signs of real damage, so it should recover.

EDIT 6/23/21 -- We tried splitting the medium logs.  We managed to break one  in half and partially split another, but the wood really doesn't want to split.  :/  We'll need to think of something else.

EDIT 6/23/21 -- I picked half a bag of mulberries.

EDIT 6/23/21 -- I filled the rotten log sections with potting soil.

EDIT 6/23/21 -- I watered the container garden and the log pots.  I'll need to put more potting soil into the log pots tomorrow and plant them.  Then I watered wildflowers in the prairie garden.

Lots of fireflies out tonight.  :D

As it is dark and I'm tired, I am done for the night.