June 15th, 2021


Read "Words by Trevor"

One of our relatives is launching a Patreon page, "Words by Trevor," and the featured setting is offbeat superhero fiction. The current plan is $3/month for 2 short stories, or $6/month for 2 stories + 1 original recipe.  I attest that Trevor's cooking skill is similar to my own, albeit with a somewhat different range of interests, so if you enjoy culinary adventure then that's well worth considering.

I thought this might appeal to some of my readers. To give you a peek at the possibilities, here is an excerpt from a recently posted story ...

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Today is mostly sunny and mild.  A tree guy is supposed to come look at the fallen walnut this afternoon.

I fed the birds.  I've seen a small flock of sparrows, house finches, and grackles.

I picked a handful of black raspberries.  I found one wild strawberry ripe.

I saw a couple piles of large scat in the prairie garden.  It looked canine, but was very full of berry seeds.  Curious, I did some research.  It turns out that coyotes are omnivores and will eat berries.  As I have also found canine tracks in the mud of the fields around the house, this seems a likely answer.  Party on, dudes, there's plenty of food right now.  :D

EDIT 6/15/21 -- I picked a couple handfuls of serviceberries.

EDIT 6/15/21 -- I picked a bag of mulberries.

Tree guy is not coming out today, nor tomorrow.  :/  Possibly Thursday or Friday.