June 10th, 2021



Today is sunny and hot.  In the shade, it's cooler.

I fed the birds.  I've seen house finches and grackles at the feeders today.  I also saw an indigo bunting in the prairie garden.  \o/

I walked around the yard and planted more cypress vine around the support wire.  I found one ripe wild strawberry to eat.  :D  The first of the daylilies are blooming.  So is some puffy white thing in the wildflower garden, and the spiderwort has buds.

By the time I got back to the house -- let's say 10 minutes -- the thistle sock was almost empty.  <3 my little flying pigs.

EDIT 6/10/21 -- I took pictures in my yard.

EDIT 6/10/21 -- I picked a bag of mulberries and a handful of serviceberries.

EDIT 6/10/21 -- I put saucers under pots and watered those, then watered other plants in the ground.

The air is still warm and moist, now filling with fireflies.  Very pretty.