June 8th, 2021



Today is mild and gray.  It's supposed to rain, but doesn't feel like the sky is holding lots of it.

I fed the birds.  I've seen house finches, doves, a squirrel, and 2 rabbits.

I planted 3 purple ice plants, 2 in pots and 1 in the purple-and-white garden. 

EDIT 6/8/21 -- I planted 1 hens & chicks in the purple-and-white garden.  Then I weeded the goddess garden where the rest of them will go.

EDIT 6/8/21 -- I put the goddess statue in her garden, then planted the other 4 hens & chicks around her.

I think that's the last of the plants from the two shipments.  I still have some seeds to plant, though.

EDIT 6/8/21 -- I watered the recently planted things.  I also replanted some seeds in pots where the squirrels went digging.  Many of the seeds from earlier have sprouted, though.  Nasturtiums are well up, and marigolds are recognizable.


Nonsensical Math

Here's an example of the nonsensical math in municipal budgets

Now I'm bad at math.  I'm lucky to get the same answer three times running on a calculator.  I know this, so I've chosen a career that requires little math, and have other people who can do math for me when necessary.  I understand basic stuff like "don't carry more money than you can handle" and "don't buy things you can't afford." The scary thing?  I'm in the top third nationally according to school tests.  That means two-thirds are worse than that.

Apparently, they are not also smart enough to avoid careers that require math.  They just half-ass their way through it.  They do things so stupid that even I, with my anti-knack for math, can see that this is bad economics.

You know, if we had more women and more poor people in politics, I think less of this would happen.  They damn well know how to stretching a dollar until you could play it like a rubber-band guitar.